Friday, October 12, 2012

Awareness + Desire = Change

There is a saying that those who know better but don't do better will suffer more consequences than those who don't know and therefore don't do.  I believe this is true.  It's challenging to do what you know should be done.  You often risk kicking up dust which can lead to more challenges than just keeping your mouth shut, feet planted, and letting the dust settle.  The more you know, the more responsibility you have to this knowledge.  It feels burdensome.  And it is.  But what's more burdensome is not doing what you know to do because then you'll suffer from this nagging internal voice and this dreadful feeling in your gut that you have let the world, other people, yourself, and God down.  Sheer awareness is not enough to motivate you to do.  Desire is the other needed ingredient.  How to harvest desire when it's really not there?  Think of the alternatives I've just described above (self-loathing, in short).  Doing what's best is rarely easy but can become easier with practice.  A favorite saying of mine, by Prince Sergei Volkonskiu, is "The difficult must become habit, habit easy, and the easy beautiful."  I have tried to revolve my life around this saying, failing many times to do so, but over time, I am definitely getting better. As the saying says, it's definitely getting easier. Now, as soon as I am aware of something that needs to be changed, I know it will be changed because I automatically desire now to do what I am aware needs to be done.  It's miserable to do what's necessary without the desire to.  Suffering comes this way from not appreciating, even if you know, its benefit. It is a gentle joy though to do what is both necessary and (therefore) desired by you.  Change happens quickly this way.



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