Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Never Beginning

There really is no beginning, is there?  Any moment in our lives that we try to pinpoint and say, "it was this moment WHEN . . . " can be traced to something before it, and before that, and before that.  We go all the way to creation, and then what?  Yes, there was even a moment before creation, when God was (what?) sitting in the clouds with a (what?) beer, thinking, "Hmmmm . . . I think I'd like to . . ."  Perhaps I was born knowing then that I would launch this blog one day.  Perhaps I simply checked my schedule today and realized today is the day.

So, if there are no beginnings, that must mean--you guessed it!--there are no ends.  Where do we go?  Up to the clouds to God with that icy one?  Maybe.  But I'd like to think that we extend the work we begin here, on earth.  We take it, we take ourselves, our eternal souls, with us.  I have no interest in harp-playing, although I admit, it would be pretty cool to fly.  I'd rather re-do the earth, making it the way it was supposed to be, all lovely, all safe, than abandon it because (few) this torture is over.  If God made the earth and He called it GOOD, that says a lot.  For GOD to call something GOOD?  Whew!  That means this place is my heaven, and I'm not leaving it until it's accurately represented.  That means all the bullshit laws, all the garbage pollutants, the corrupted government, the confinement, will end, and humans will finally reign the way we were intended to, as kings and queens.

I think restoration will take a long time, though.  That we'll have to push up our sleeves as we realize we have been inching towards this, another never beginning, our entire lives, as well as the lives of our grandparents and their grandparents and . . .

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