Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How Far is Too Far?

Is there a too far?  I'm beginning to write horror(ish) stories and it's oddly easy.  Horror movies don't really appeal to me.  Blood and guts and fear--major turn off.  But horror stories are different.  Horror stories, first of all, is the wrong term.  I'm writing psychologically thrilling pieces.  (Or psychologically disturbing, whichever you prefer).  I'm going to those really absurd places you hope you never hear about.  Or do you secretly want to hear about them?  I think the disturbing things are naturally appealing on some level--not in the gory details, perhaps (or maybe), but in discovering the motivation behind them.  And then in hearing the outcome.  Why did that lady drown her kids?  Did she enjoy it?  Did she cry the whole time?  In bringing crisis moments to their most dramatic form, writing something truly shocking, truly sick, I am saying that yes, this stuff happens and yes, there's actually a few simple reasons most of the time.  It's all relevant to the journey of love.

Yet I wonder, is my mother going to disown me?

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